Our Services

Assisting UK and African business to identify and take advantage of markets and investment opportunities in Africa and the UK

By promoting the continuation and expansion of trade and investment between the UK and Africa, we hope to facilitate the opening of more significant trade and investment opportunities for businesses and companies in the UK and Africa and increase their profitability.


The platform enables UK and African companies to find the right partners to strike trade deals with or invest in each other’s business. UN-Africa Trade Investment will link traders through:

UK-Africa Trade Investment will link traders through:

  • Assisting companies to identify new markets in Africa and the UK, particularly in important areas to achieve greater market access.
  • Assisting businesses to access new markets and investment opportunities in Africa and the UK and provide timely responses to issues related to market access and investment.
  • Assisting businesses to build partnerships in Africa and the UK through facilitating business linkages and matchmaking activities.
  • Providing an online directory accessible to business to promote their products and services.


Providing advice to the UK and African businesses taking advantage of markets and investment opportunities in Africa and the UK.

The UK-Africa Trade Investment offers advice on how businesses can take advantage of markets and investment opportunities in Africa and the UK through;

  • researching and identifying barriers to trade that companies encounter when expanding their business to Africa (for UK companies) or the UK (for African companies) and provide useful recommendations for navigating the barriers to enable companies to increase their market share.
  • offering advice on how businesses can trade and invest under existing trade and investment agreements and regulations.
  • providing advice on individual country trade and investment rules and regulations such as trade in services and investment regimes.
  • organising trade and investment events such as workshop, discussion seminars, roundtables etc.


Besides linking UK and African businesses online, UK- Africa Trade Investment also connect businesses through:

  • facilitating and coordinating business to business (B2B) meetings between UK and African companies, through trade fairs (specialised and general), breakfast meetings, seminars and workshop organised by Chambers of Industry in collaboration with UK-Africa Trade Investment.
  • acilitating and coordinating online forum for companies to link up online and conduct business


UK-Africa Trade Investment provides a monitoring and evaluation component that allows for follow-up actions to encourage long-term business collaboration after platform events.

The Actions include:

  • identifying challenges faced by importers, exporters and investors for enhancing business growth.
  • identifying product development needs, capacity building activities and technical assistance requirements to improve competitiveness and business environment.